If Only There Was No Need To Protest…

I am one of those folks that depends on the police, when needed. I ‪#‎Support Police Officers! Many times we complain however, we are not signing up for the ‪#‎Job. Many teach their children to never become an officer. Wouldn’t we want them to be…this way we could avoid the ‪#‎Lies, ‪#‎Injustice, ‪#‎Abuse and ‪#‎Racism…? If you ‪#‎Hate the police (NOT POE LEASE) Then remember to never call them when in an accident or something has happened to you, your ‪#‎Child or your ‪#‎Parent. They’re cool then, huh? If an Officer says stop; you stop. If an Officer says get down; you get down. And whatever you do…don’t have a gun or drugs on you to give them something to go on…..GEESH!

Don’t get too excited officers…If you’re telling me to get down or stop…please dont make the command just because I’m Black! You applied for a job, you took an ‪#‎Oath, you knew the ‪#‎Risks and you knew the ‪#‎Responsibilities. So you should be willing to do twice the ‪#‎Time for your ‪#‎Crime!!! I hold you to a higher level on all aspects. That includes ‪#‎Reward and ‪#‎Punishment!!!

If you can stun, pepper spray, rubber bullet a non black non muslim dude (Synonymous to WHITE CHRISTIAN)…SEE WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS? Then clearly you don’t have to put several bullets in the back of my hands up unarmed Brother!!!

While all eyes are on the Muslims and all ‪#‎OPINIONS are ‪#‎THINKING terrorism; What is the belief system of the MAJORITY of the POLICE freely killing WHOMEVER THEY CHOSE? Just take a guess… I can assure you the answer has nothing to do with ‪#‎Islam and the ‪#‎Believing ‪#‎Muslims

You can take a look at ‪#‎HISTORY or ‪#‎His ‪#‎Story to see it was never Islam that was the problem ‪#‎Faith when creating the ‪#‎Laws of this ‪#‎Land

You were enslaved; Forced to work the land; Hung; Raped (male and female by male and female); Sold; Purchased; Separated from family; Forced to take on their beliefs; Forced to take on their form of fashion……until you foolishly wanted these things…accepted and expected them to be considered acceptable……….

And now you’re mad… ‪#‎SeriouslyDude

Black Lives Mattered from day one! Nothing had gotten worse nor better. Its just now you have technology and social media to see it happening.

For those of you ‪#‎Foolishly asking what does religion have to do with it… Remain Foolish

There goes ‪#‎TahanisLilOleOpinion again…

If you’re upset or turned red in the face…No need to fret… This tends to happen because Tahanis Lil Ole Opinion comes with facts.


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